State of Paid Search Report Q4 2013


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Online Marketing - Case Studies

The Search Agency works with online marketers to take their SEO and PPC campaigns to the next level of performance. Browse our case study library to find out more about our clients, their challenges, our solutions, and the quantifiable results we have achieved since 2002.




Paid Search Case Studies 


Paid Search Strategy Case Study: Action Sports & Clothing Retailer

Results: Cyber Monday revenue increased 124% YoY


h(Paid) Case Study: Business-to-Business Financial Services Provider 

Results: Conversions increased 136% and CPA decreased 50%


h(Paid) Case Study: Action Sports and Clothing Retail Brand

Results: Clicks increased 24%, orders increased 22%, and CPA decreased 12% within first five months


h(Paid) Case Study: Health Insurance Provider 

Result: Clicks increased 180%, conversions increased 45%, and non-brand quality score doubled


h(Paid) Case Study: Multi-Channel Clothing Retailer

Result: Significant successes across channels within first 6 months of implementation


h(Paid) Case Study: Leading International Airline

Result: Increased conversion rate by 34%, reduced CPA by 54%


Paid Search Case Study: Global Wine Producer

Result: Increased web leads by 482% in the first three months


Paid Search Case Study: Leading International Cruise Line

Result: Conversion rate increased from 1.4% to 12% within the first year


Paid Search Case Study: U.S. Based Global CPG Company

Result: Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)


Paid Search Case Study: Boutique Hotel Group

Result: 6-fold improvement on ROI from paid search


Paid Search Case Study: Custom Homebuilder

Result: Reduced CPA by 54%


Paid Search Case Study: Luxury Apartment Community Developer

Result: Reduced CPA by more than 200%


Product Listing Ads Case Study: Online Apparel Retailer

Result: Increased conversions by 39%, ROI by 27%


Paid Search Case Study: Subscription-Based Music Service

Result: Reduced CPA by 55%


Paid Search Case Study: Online Dentist Referral

Result: Increased uptick revenue 248%


Paid Search Case Study: Electronics E-Retailer

Result: Increased gross margin by 86% within the first year and 85% year-over-year




Display Marketing Case Studies 



Display Marketing Case Study: Online Dating Site 

Result: 400% increase in click-through rate


Display Marketing Case Study: National Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Result: Doubled conversion rate in 4 months




SEO Case Studies 


h(SEO) Case Study: Online Public Records Company 

Result: After solving the client's server capacity issues, the site's traffic increased 995% from the lowest point within 3 months.


SEO-Focused Website Migration Case Study: Leading Real Estate Franchise 

Result: Indexed URLs increased 32% YoY, conversions increased 150% post-migration, and the client's organic traffic out-performed their top competitor four months after the migration.


SEO-Focused Website Migration Case Study: Daily Coupon Provider 

Result: Organic traffic increased 35% in one month and doubled within one year. 


SEO Case Study: Leading Social Networking Site

Result: Organic conversions increased by 650%


SEO Infographic: Leading Gold Resale Company

Result: Generated thousands of impressions, hundreds of links, traffic and conversions


SEO Case Study: Global Sports and Entertainment Organization

Result: Brand traffic increased by 73%


SEO Case Study: Online Marketplace for Internships

Result: Increased ROI 85% in 1 year


SEO Case Study: B2B Industrial Manufacturer

Result: Exceeded internal goals by 50%


SEO Case Study: Precious Metals Retailer

Result: Increased organic traffic by 75%


SEO Case Study: Real Estate Content Publisher

Result: Increased organic traffic by 57%


SEO Case Study: Health Content for Medical Professionals

Result: Improved collaboration between IT and Marketing, 23% growth in organic traffic


SEO Case Study: Leading Movie Site

Result: Increased organic traffic by 148% year-over-year




Integrated Online Marketing Case Studies 


Holistic Approach to Paid Search and SEO Case Study: Custom Home Builder

Result: Increased Leads by 76%


Integrated Case Study: Multi-Channel Retailer

Result: Increased online order revenue by 117% while decreasing cost per order by 47%




Landing Page Optimisation Case Studies 


Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Data Protection Services

Result: TSA landing page was 120% more effective in converting traffic into sales


Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Telecommunications Provider

Result: Increased conversion rate by 32%


Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Online Gaming Site

Result: Increased paid subscriptions by 290% and free registrations by 35%




Affiliate Marketing Case Studies 


Affiliate Marketing Case Study: eBooks Retailer

Result: Increased affiliate sales 321% in first year