h(Paid) - Our Holistic Approach to Paid Search



h(Paid) is a consumer-centric approach to PPC marketing that enables performance-driven search marketers to profitably engage and convert their target audiences throughout the consumer decision journey.


The evolution of consumer behaviour and online marketing technology has caused a direct shift in the paid media marketing approach. In order to manage their primary paid media channels, online search marketers administer different strategies, technologies and budgets across several media platforms and devices.


Most marketers are unable to align their online marketing strategies, since marketing technology innovation has led to specialty tools, rather than a comprehensive, integrated tool suite to manage paid media marketing across channels. Consequently, most marketers are left with lagging performance, inadequate resources, and lack of visibility to the effectiveness of their online marketing budget.



The Search Agency developed h(Paid) to realise the benefits of an aligned, integrated holistic approach to performance-driven online marketing.



The Search Agency account teams deliver strategic insight, expertise and growth across these channels using our five pillar approach to holistic paid media management:







To learn more about how an h(Paid) approach can improve your paid media marketing strategy, download our white paper "h(Paid): A Holistic Approach to Paid Media Marketing"