h(SEO) - A Holistic Approach to Search Engine Optimization

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h(SEO) - Our Holistic Approach to Search Engine Optimisation



h(SEO) is a holistic approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that drives business results by connecting user intent with relevant content.


The h(SEO) approach adapts to the evolving search landscape and offers SEO marketers a more comprehensive understanding of how to gain search engine visibility. h(SEO) addresses four online marketing components with new strategies and metrics, providing SEO practitioners with a more complete and research-based awareness of searcher intent and search engine ranking factors. 






Establishing relevance requires SEO specialists to discover what type of content will satisfy a searcher’s initial search intent and then signal that satisfaction to the search engines. 



Off-site authority is established when a company/brand is recognised as one that provides searchers and search engines with reliable, relevant, and valuable information about specific topics. 




Engagement refers to a searcher’s post-click actions that send new, more relevant signals to the search engines about whether initial search intent was satisfied by the website. 




A variety of online marketing metrics drive The Search Agency’s holistic approach to Search Engine Optimisation. This ensures that all optimisation efforts are informed by data and that SEO results are tracked and measured for success over the course of the client engagement. 




To learn more about how an h(SEO) approach can improve your search engine optimisation strategy, download our white paper "h(SEO) - A Holistic Approach to Search Engine Optimization."