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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a natural way to improve your website’s position in the search engine rankings. It is an ongoing process involving a number of activities that will ultimately ensure your site ranks as highly as possible for the keywords your business values. As web behaviour evolves, SEO changes to include additional venues and opportunities. So, whether you search on Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube, The Search Agency’s SEO work incorporates platforms beyond search engines.


Success through SEO

Just like traditional marketing, defining key attributes of your target market has become a central component of a successful SEO strategy.


As an advertiser considering the organic search channel, ask yourself the following:


  • Do I have the information needed to target my customers / prospects effectively?
  • What tools / efforts are necessary for success?
  • Could results be accomplished in-house with dedicated in-house resources?
  • How much budget will be required to ensure success?
  • What are the key metrics or ROI to define success or prioritisation or the organic channel over other initiatives?


Dedicated SEO account teams at The Search Agency contain experts in content, architecture, linking and site analytics. We will work with you so you maintain a competitive advantage in organic search and we will ensure the maximum number of customers reaches your site. Our team will base our approach to your company’s search marketing strategy on your business objectives and our knowledge of the competitive landscape.


SEO Tools

The Search Agency has developed a range of proprietary SEO tools to analyse the effectiveness of your site architecture, inbound links and keyword placement. From this we can identify issues and move forward with a targeted client-specific action plan.


Our SEO content writers, social media experts and web designers can work with your in-house team to ensure your Search Engine Optimisation campaign results in a measurable increase in your site rankings.


Social Media is a welcome tool. Helping to surface this information, it allows brands to receive almost instant feedback from a self-identified pool of likely (or existing) customers, helping refine target likes, needs and potential issues.


Why choose The Search Agency?

The Search Agency finds creative ways to increase online visibility, traffic, and conversions.


The Search Agency’s Search Engine Optimisation services deliver clients a more visible and attractive website through the following: an understanding of user intent, optimisation of onsite elements through a commitment to providing quality content, and the delivering of a streamlined user experience on site towards client goals (e.g. increased page views, leads, sign-ups, or sales).


We provide a more holistic optimisation approach, h(SEO).


The Search Agency approaches h(SEO) through four areas of expertise:  


  • Creation of onsite RELEVANCE
  • Building of offsite AUTHORITY
  • Improvement of post click ENGAGEMENT
  • Tracking and measurement of meaningful ANALYTICS


Learn more about our h(SEO) services, and if you're ready for a holistic approach to your company's search engine optimisation, contact us for your FREE audit today.